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Engaging Education and Top-class Training

Top-class training videos are an ideal resource if you’re serious about education or training, and really want your staff or clients to learn. SNS Group can help you to create the perfect instructional content for your needs.

Knowledge is power, and this simple maxim makes an educational video a valuable piece of content for any business, brand or organisation. Easily shared and understood, professionally produced training videos may be tailored to efficiently and effectively educate target audiences.

SNS Group is perfectly placed to create and supply a vast range of different instructional content. We regularly work with businesses in many niches, creating training videos which ensure their staff all know and understand the processes that are key to their day-to-day operations.

Our skilled video team also specialises in producing simple yet compelling ‘how-to’ video clips. Some of our largest clients in the infrastructure and healthcare industries rely heavily on this kind of content, which regularly proves crucial for assisting patient care or ensuring the health and safety of staff. Whoever you need to train or educate, SNS Group can provide videos which will meet those needs.

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“An absolute pleasure to work with SNS. They bring a range of creative talent and work ethic and I can't recommend them enough. A great company with great people and we will definitely be working with them in the future. Thanks so much guys!’

KD MediaPippa Barker

“SNS Group have provided a professional service time and time again for us at Sporting Chance Initiative. Our projects can demand very different needs and SNS Group always adapt to meet these. Video Producer David McCaffrey uses his years of experience to add value to shoots and ensures everyone is comfortable, maximising the end result.”

Ryan CarenduffSporting Chance Initiative

“Scottish Water is working with SNS Group to publicise and record key parts of our investment, such as the ongoing £250m investment in our wastewater infrastructure across the Greater Glasgow area. This investment, the biggest since Victorian times, includes the Shieldhall Tunnel and major flooding projects across the area – work that is hugely important to help improve river water quality, tackle flooding and enable the area to grow and develop in the future.

The skill and expertise of SNS Group is enabling Scottish Water to capture the very essence of these projects, and the workers and communities involved, often in spectacular fashion.
SNS Group are always highly professional, imaginative and trustworthy. And, importantly, they’re also great fun to work with.”

Scottish WaterKeith Sinclair

"Working with David McCaffrey at SNS Group is always a pleasure - not just because he ‘gets’ what the job is - but also because you know you are in a safe pair of hands. That’s especially important if you are under pressure to make a deadline. He comes up with ideas and even if there is a problem, he always seems to find a way to solve it. I would have no hesitation in recommending David for any video production projects."

Alison Walker TVAlison Walker
Worker from Scottish Water working on the Shieldhall Tunnel

Scottish Water Shieldhall Tunnel Development

Lads42 Opening Animated Video Graphic

Ladbrokes – #Lads42

Tonsil Toilet Animation thumbnail

NHS Lanarkshire, Tonsil Toilet Animation

Anywhere, Anytime

Not so long ago, school pupils were taught by rote learning. Teachers would drone on, and students were expected to repeat things back in parrot-fashion. Some people learned effectively using this repetitive method of education, but many people didn’t. And today, it’s understood that different teaching methods work better with diverse audiences.

Training and instructional videos are flexible. An instructional video can be consumed how, when and where it’s needed. That allows different people to use the content in different ways, thereby improving their learning experience. Some corporate staff may find it easier to concentrate in a classroom environment, whereas others might wish to learn on the go during their morning commute. And because training videos can be delivered via multiple channels and multiple devices, video content lets you cater to these varied audience requirements.

However you’d like your instructional content to be consumed, SNS Group’s videographers will help you to obtain the perfect footage for the job. We love working to interesting and innovative briefs, and we always place the fulfilment of our clients’ needs at the forefront of every project.

Encouraging Interactivity

Some people still believe you have to hold physical training sessions or seminars to achieve interactive learning, yet that’s simply not the case. Allied to some creative thinking, modern production techniques can deliver outstanding interactive instructional videos that will have an impact on any audience.

A great example of an effective training tool is a video with a branching narrative. These pause at certain points and ask audiences to make a decision. If you’re training staff on correct procedures, you may ask them what they’d do in a particular scenario, or encourage a debate about possible approaches. The video then shows how specific decisions may play out in practice. This is a proven way to reinforce key lessons, since giving people responsibility over decisions (and a high level of involvement in the training) makes the experience far more memorable than passively observing a presentation.

SNS Group is highly experienced in creating all kinds of instructional content. Our professionals will be able to help, whether you want a modern, interactive video or a more traditional piece of footage. By working with our expert videographers, editors and designers, you’re guaranteed to be able to craft optimised training videos.

Multi-Sensory Learning

Present anyone with a wordy training document or a dry set of written guidelines, and you’re unlikely to get an enthusiastic response. Reams of technical content won’t ensure your staff (or any other target audience) really absorb the information you’re trying to convey.

Educational videos are far more interesting and engaging. They’re more likely to hold an audience’s attention, and to stick in their minds afterwards. More than that, they excel in delivering multi-sensory learning – providing information in a range of audio-visual ways. Training videos can utilise moving footage, still images, text, sounds, voiceovers and even animations to convey a message or a set of instructions in compelling fashion. Appealing to a number of senses encourages people to think more deeply about what they’re consuming, which has been proven to aid both understanding and memory.

The potential of instructional video content is only really limited by your imagination. If you sit down with a professional videographer from SNS Group, they’ll encourage you to let that imagination run wild. They can then use their experience and skillsets to boil down your innovative ideas into a clear vision for a top-class video.

Making the Most of Your Resources

Investing in training is the same as investing in your workforce. You’re ensuring staff will be able to perform their duties to their best of their abilities. And although it’s hard to put a price on traditional training, it can still prove too expensive for many companies.

Conferences, workshops or seminars are often costly to put on. You need to hire a venue and pay trainers or facilitators to run these events, quite apart from staff absences caused by event attendance. Yet with an educational video, you can avoid all those difficulties – and much of the expense. Professionally produced video content can impart the same level of information and expertise as any training event. At the same time, it’s much easier to consume, and can be shared with staff in small groups – or even one-to-one. Make a video available on-demand over the internet, and disruption to everyday business operations will be almost non-existent.

Thanks to our hands-on experience with clients across a variety of different industries, SNS Group can help you to create instructional content which makes costly off-site training a thing of the past. Provide us with a brief, or simply have a chat through your ideas, and we’ll handle the rest.