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Capturing the Dynamism of Your Events

Capturing the atmosphere and the fluid nature of a live event on film is like catching lightning in a bottle. Fortunately, SNS Group’s professional event videographers have the skills and experience required to achieve this challenging feat every time.

Corporate events provide a superb opportunity to show off your business in all its glory. Awards ceremonies allow you to laud the achievements of individual staff members or departments, while conferences showcase your expertise in (and devotion to) your chosen field.

To fully capture any event (and the positive message it conveys about your brand), you need a professional event videographer. The video team at SNS Group specialise in covering any type of event which businesses might use to either publicise their products or share their visions. Whether you’re an established brand or a start-up enterprise, SNS Group is able to help with event videography. We’ve worked with some of the UK’s best-known businesses, as well as helping smaller firms to punch above their weight with dynamic, original content.

Our trusted team of experts helps clients with every aspect of capturing their event on film – from developing an initial vision for the narrative through to practicalities like camera positions and lighting. With SNS Group handling event videography, you’re free to concentrate on hosting the event itself, safe in the knowledge it’ll be immortalised in a professional video.

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Some of Our Event Video Work…

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“An absolute pleasure to work with SNS. They bring a range of creative talent and work ethic and I can't recommend them enough. A great company with great people and we will definitely be working with them in the future. Thanks so much guys!’

KD MediaPippa Barker

“SNS Group have provided a professional service time and time again for us at Sporting Chance Initiative. Our projects can demand very different needs and SNS Group always adapt to meet these. Video Producer David McCaffrey uses his years of experience to add value to shoots and ensures everyone is comfortable, maximising the end result.”

Ryan CarenduffSporting Chance Initiative

“Scottish Water is working with SNS Group to publicise and record key parts of our investment, such as the ongoing £250m investment in our wastewater infrastructure across the Greater Glasgow area. This investment, the biggest since Victorian times, includes the Shieldhall Tunnel and major flooding projects across the area – work that is hugely important to help improve river water quality, tackle flooding and enable the area to grow and develop in the future.

The skill and expertise of SNS Group is enabling Scottish Water to capture the very essence of these projects, and the workers and communities involved, often in spectacular fashion.
SNS Group are always highly professional, imaginative and trustworthy. And, importantly, they’re also great fun to work with.”

Scottish WaterKeith Sinclair

"Working with David McCaffrey at SNS Group is always a pleasure - not just because he ‘gets’ what the job is - but also because you know you are in a safe pair of hands. That’s especially important if you are under pressure to make a deadline. He comes up with ideas and even if there is a problem, he always seems to find a way to solve it. I would have no hesitation in recommending David for any video production projects."

Alison Walker TVAlison Walker
Worker from Scottish Water working on the Shieldhall Tunnel

Scottish Water Shieldhall Tunnel Development

Lads42 Opening Animated Video Graphic

Ladbrokes – #Lads42

Tonsil Toilet Animation thumbnail

NHS Lanarkshire, Tonsil Toilet Animation

Reaching a Global Audience

Even the biggest events held by blue-chip brands can only be attended by so many people. The news they break or the messages they impart are therefore limited to the number of attendees that venue can contain. Unless, that is, the organiser invests in event videography…

By hiring professionals to capture selected highlights of an event (or the entirety of proceedings), the potential audience is broadened dramatically. The brand or company behind the occasion can share edited footage with customers, clients or contacts, ensuring key messages will reach far more people. Attendees can also watch the footage back at a later date, to check on pertinent details or remind themselves of personal highlights. They may even choose to share videos with colleagues or contacts who couldn’t attend, potentially generating significant PR opportunities across social media platforms.

SNS Group understands the inherent benefits of event videography. We always work with our clients to understand which audiences they want an event video to appeal to. And as a result, the footage we produce is pitched perfectly to appeal to these demographics.

Create a Useful, Versatile Promotional Asset

Capturing an event with a high-quality and well-conceived video puts a hugely versatile promotional tool at your disposal. There are any number of ways to use an event video (or selected clips) to market and promote your brand, or publicise key products and services.

An engaging and interesting video is sure to attract more traffic to your website if it’s embedded for audiences to play. Clips or highlights from a product launch or awards ceremony also make for great social media content. Well-produced video clips stop people scrolling through their news feeds, and truly capture their attention.

It’s not all about the visual impact of event videos, either. They also serve as a permanent record of conferences, presentations and launches, ensuring key speeches or interviews are forever at your fingertips. Such content can be superb for future marketing campaigns. That’s why SNS Group’s event videographers will discuss how you may wish to use event footage in future, ensuring they deliver optimised content. Our professionals will harness all of their expertise to give you exactly what you need, both now and in the future.

Future Perfect – Historic Event Videos

When it comes to generating interest in a future event, nothing’s more effective than showing off the success of a previous one. A professionally produced, slickly edited event video is the best possible tool for promoting an upcoming event in your social or corporate calendar.

People who attended a previous event will immediately be reminded of how useful or enjoyable it was. They’ll also want to ensure they don’t miss out on the next one. Meanwhile, anyone who did miss out first time round will know what passed them by – and they won’t want to be left out a second time…

Event videos are sure to stir up excitement in target audiences, whether they’re used on social media to promote a new event, or deployed as marketing materials for the product/service/occasion itself. SNS Group event videographers can help you to exploit this archive footage to create exciting trailers, encouraging attendance or boosting ticket sales for the next big occasion. A skilled event videographer will capture the innate excitement of such events, before transmitting these sentiments to prospective customers in compelling video clips.

Tell the Story of Your Business

Video content achieves a more personal connection than any other form of media. Through video, your brand or organisation can speak directly to your target audience. That helps to build trust, fostering a closer relationship which should result in greater brand loyalty.

Shared in the right way, intelligent event videography helps to support that process. By documenting the milestone occasions of your brand, you’re telling your business’s story – keeping customers and leads informed of how your company is developing. When they watch these videos, target audiences will become more engaged and more invested in your brand.

SNS Group regularly helps to ensure event videos create powerful connections with audiences. We love helping our clients develop an innovative vision for their footage, before offering guidance on how it can be delivered. And when it comes to the event itself, our skilled event videographers will capture the key moments (as well as the event’s overall atmosphere and ambience) without impacting on the event itself. This is a delicate balancing act, yet it’s all part of the SNS Group service.