Questions and Answers

General Questions

I have commissioned SNS Group for a Photography/Video shoot. Will travel and set up be taken from my shoot time?

Definitely not! If you book a 2hr shoot with SNS Group, you will get 2 hours of filming/photography. Our set-up and travel is not deducted from the time you have paid us for.

I have a query about my invoice. Who should I talk to?

For any accounts related query please call 0141 221 3602 and select option 4. Alternatively you can drop our Accounts Team an email accounts@snsgroup.co.uk

I want to work for SNS Group. Where would I find out about current vacancies?

We’re delighted you want to be a part of our team. From each of our creative service areas to our Accounts and Administration teams SNS has so much to offer.

Any job openings can be found on our blog page. We keep things simple with a dedicated post about the role featuring whilst applications are open which will be removed when the position has been filled. Openings will also be posted on our social media accounts

I’m a Freelance Photographer. I would like to offer SNS Group my services. Who is best to contact?

We’re always keen to hear from Freelance Photographers. Give us a call on 0141 221 3602 and select option 1 to talk to our Digital Media Desk or drop an email to pictures@snsgroup.co.uk with an example of your work and when best for us to contact you.

Photography / Imagery Questions

How do I purchase a Printed Image/Framed Printed Image/Canvas Image?

To purchase printed imagery please just get in touch using our enquiry form. Using this form will allow you to select the type of print you are looking for.

How do I purchase a digital image file for personal use?

To purchase a digital image for personal use we just ask that you contact us using our enquiry form. When filling out the form just let us know the Image ID and what you will be using the image for and our team will let you know a cost for this.

I would like to use a digital imagery file for reproduction, can I do this?

Yes you can. Examples of reproduction that we deal with regularly include image use in Newspapers, brochures, magazines and books. Please enquire via our online form or even give our Digital Media Desk a call on 0141 221 3602, selecting option 1, to discuss your requirements.

My company would like to purchase images regularly from SNS Group. Is this a service you offer?

Absolutely. SNS Group are happy to offer a subscription deal that suits your business needs. The best place to start is just to drop us an email to pictures@snsgroup.co.uk with more information about what you wish to purchase and our team will help you from there. You can also send your information using our enquiry form.

Video Questions

Can you add subtitles to my video?

Yes. When it comes to subtitling we will charge this service by the hour. Though your quotation for subtitling can be added before the editing process begins we recommend costing this after the edit is complete and the length of your video is finalised. This way we can provide a more accurate cost as we will know better how long your subtitling will take.

How many Videographers can you send on a video shoot?

We have a multitalented videography team with each member able to shoot, project manage and interview on-shoot. We would only send one videographer to a video shoot unless your booking specifically requires a larger set-up. If you let our team know at the time of booking your job we can look at what is possible for you.

Do your videographers conduct Interviews?

Absolutely! Our Videographers are more than happy to conduct interviews as part of your video shoot. Let us know this as part of your requirements when booking.

What’s included in your video fee/package?

A video fee/package from SNS group includes;

  • Shoot Time
  • First edit to your specified brief
  • First Round of Amendments

Design Questions

As part of the design process, can you organise the printing of our document?

Yes. Please let us know your need for printing to be included as part of your design brief and we will organise this.

I have an idea for a creative project but don’t know how to visualise it, can you help?

Of course! That’s exactly what are team are here for. Get in touch with us either by phone (0141 221 3602- select option 3) or drop us an email design@snsgroup.co.uk and we’ll get started on bringing your idea to life.

Can you make edits to my existing document?

We can only make edits to existing documents if you have the original artwork files. If you don’t, it’s likely we’d need to recreate the full artwork from scratch which would include a cost. However, the best way to handle this is to get in touch with what you need and we can take this from there.

Are changes included in my initial design quote?

Our designers endeavour to carry out minor changes as part of your initial design quote. However, if changes are deemed more significant by our Design Team these will require an additional cost. Our team can advise you based on the changes you are requesting.