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Selling Products and Ideas with Stunning Images

Commercial photography is an important weapon in any firm or organisation’s armoury. The right images deployed in the right way can work wonders for both your image and your bottom line. SNS Group have over three decades’ worth of experience producing and delivering this kind of imagery for our clients.

Whether you’re looking to display your products in their best light, or hoping to create visually stunning marketing materials, our commercial photographers can deliver to any brief.

They have the next-level creativity and skills required to deliver high-quality, versatile images that meet your needs exactly. The SNS Group team will always look to adapt around your objectives and requirements. We can deliver top-class commercial photography in a studio setting or on-location, if you have a particularly picturesque backdrop in mind.

Wherever and however they’re captured, we’ll ensure that the final images you receive tell the right story. As well as our professional commercial photographers, we deploy advanced post-production services to guarantee the perfect finished product for any prospective use. We serve our clients so well because we understand the value of exceptional commercial photography, and we know optimised images can be key to the success of your organisation.

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“We have used SNS Group for over 15 years and they continue to provide an excellent PR photographic service. They are a really customer focused company and work with you to ensure that the best photographs are secured to help to maximise PR coverage.”

Niall GordonUniversity of the West of Scotland

"Their photographers are always early, have read the brief and are ready to put their creative brain into action and come up with a picture that is likely to get Glasgow Museums into the papers.
Quick to respond to queries, with an excellent knowledge of the Scottish media landscape they have made sure we are happy with the results.”

Suzanne RoughGlasgow City Council

“We have been working with SNS Group for several years. The service they deliver has always been of the highest standard. We have developed a close working relationship with them and are delighted with their proactive approach.
We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.”

Alan DalzielFrench Duncan

“We’ve worked with SNS Group on a number of projects and each time we’ve found them to be professional and incredibly efficient in providing the high-quality images that we need to work across a number of marketing platforms. They understand the brief and they understand our business.”

Karen ArmstrongTaylor Wimpey

“Scottish Water is working with SNS Group to publicise and record key parts of our investment, such as the ongoing £250m investment in our wastewater infrastructure across the Greater Glasgow area. This investment, the biggest since Victorian times, includes the Shieldhall Tunnel and major flooding projects across the area – work that is hugely important to help improve river water quality, tackle flooding and enable the area to grow and develop in the future.

The skill and expertise of SNS Group is enabling Scottish Water to capture the very essence of these projects, and the workers and communities involved, often in spectacular fashion.
SNS Group are always highly professional, imaginative and trustworthy. And, importantly, they’re also great fun to work with.”

Scottish WaterKeith Sinclair
Worker from Scottish Water working on the Shieldhall Tunnel

Scottish Water Shieldhall Tunnel Development

Man parachuting at Randox annual polo weekend atThe Gleneagles Hotel

Randox – Annual Polo Scotland Weekend

Dancers performing at Merchant City Festival

Merchant City Festival

A Catalogue of Factors

If you sell your products online or through a catalogue, the images you use to display them are absolutely key. Customers can’t see these items in the flesh. They can’t touch them, hold them or test their physical attributes. Your images need to act as substitutes for all of those processes.

The best commercial photography also ensures that your products are shown off to their best. An experienced commercial photographer knows what pictures are needed to give customers a proper sense of the items they might buy. They know the angles from which to photograph products, and the lighting which will highlight the best elements of their design and aesthetic.

If a product image isn’t of the highest quality, prospective customers will assume that the product won’t be, either. They’re also likely to develop a less favourable opinion of your company as a whole. Sharing poor quality or insufficient photographs on your website or in a brochure makes your firm seem unprofessional. Conversely, the professional commercial photographers SNS Group work with deliver pictures which display your products to your target audience in the right way. We’ll work tirelessly to produce images which will have your items flying off the shelves.

Versatile Marketing

Mention the phrase ‘commercial photography’, and many people’s first thoughts involve images which aid the sale of products. Such photos are a major aspect of this specific photography niche, but it’s far from the whole story. Indeed, SNS Group is proud of the versatility of the top-class commercial imagery we provide to our clients.

There are numerous ways in which organisations can use high quality commercial photographs for marketing and promotion. Beyond populating websites or illustrating catalogues, these stunning images can be tailored and edited to make them ideal for direct mail leaflets, newsletters, social media marketing or even billboards.

The versatility of the commercial images we provide to our clients is ensured by the unique skillsets delivered by our commercial photographers and designers. Our photography team leverage next-level creativity to produce images which regularly exceed client expectations. We then utilise advanced post-production techniques, to guarantee the ideal finished product for whichever use our client wishes to put those pictures to.

Standing Out from the Crowd

When you’re selling to the public or to commercial customers, you have to convince people yours is the firm they should choose. You need to capture their attention, win their trust and thereby earn their business. You can use top-class imagery to achieve all of these objectives.

Working with professional commercial photographers like the ones at SNS Group allows you to obtain truly unique and innovative images, making even the most cautious or choosy of potential customers sit up and take notice. We deliver the sort of photographs which immediately make you stand out from the crowd. Even the most imaginative use of stock images still leads to a visual dynamic which is stale and uninspiring, because those images don’t truly reflect your brand or organisation. The only way to get photographs that do is by having them created specifically for you – taken in your offices, capturing your staff and products, displaying your logos and dovetailing with your existing media resources.

SNS Group loves working with varied clients to create and develop innovative briefs. Our team enjoy flexing their creative muscles to produce unique images which are perfect for our customers, almost as much as we enjoy seeing the resulting images being used by our clients to put their competitors in the shade.

Supporting Sales

As the name suggests, commercial images are intended to sell. Photographs of products and pictures to illustrate marketing materials are prime examples. They’re the type of photos which firms and organisations rely upon to make the right impression on their customers.

Intelligent application of commercial photography can also support your company’s sales in other ways. Photographs of your workshop, factory or premises as a whole can assist in swaying the opinions of potential customers. Well thought-out shots of your team at work can demonstrate how professional and productive your business is. Photographs of your equipment or plant can also showcase your use of the highest quality machinery to prospective clients.

Thanks to our extensive experience in this field, SNS Group can help you discover different kinds of commercial photos which will aid your business in ways you’ve never imagined. Through studio-based shoots and site visits, we can work with you to generate images which could make a real difference to your bottom line.