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Professional Photography  Which Speaks Volumes

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but with top-class professional photography, your brand’s imagery can be worth so much more than that. At SNS Group, we’re devoted to providing our clients with the very best in professional photography.

Since our foundation in 1988, we’ve been at the cutting-edge of professional photography. By embracing the ever-evolving technology in this specialist field, we’re able to deliver unique, attention-grabbing and meaningful imagery to suit any brief. Whatever you need your brand’s photos to say about your organisation, our team of local photographers can deliver.

Together with dedicated picture editors and other highly skilled members of the SNS Group team, our photographers are experienced in delivering big projects across varied industries. From infrastructure to healthcare, we’ve delivered professional photography services to some of the best-known companies and organisations in the UK.

By combining our love for visual media and a passion for fulfilling briefs for our clients, we can deliver everything you could need. Sports photography, corporate photography and event photography are among our core specialisms. Anyone can take a quick snap, but it takes professional photography to tell the right story. The very best images help to elevate your brand to an entirely new level.

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We determine the finer details of your brief and express what your brand represents with the right images. Event coverage, corporate, promotional photography and more, we have the expertise to provide you with excellent imagery.

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“We have used SNS Group for over 15 years and they continue to provide an excellent PR photographic service. They are a really customer focused company and work with you to ensure that the best photographs are secured to help to maximise PR coverage.”

Niall GordonUniversity of the West of Scotland
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Worker from Scottish Water working on the Shieldhall Tunnel

Scottish Water Shieldhall Tunnel Development

Man parachuting at Randox annual polo weekend atThe Gleneagles Hotel

Randox – Annual Polo Scotland Weekend

Dancers performing at Merchant City Festival

Merchant City Festival

Instantly Conveying Quality

As good as modern cameras and camera phones are, an amateur with an iPad simply can’t replicate the quality of a professional photograph. A combination of the very best equipment and the most experienced photographers is needed for a top-notch image – the kind of visuals your brand deserves.

Whatever you need images for, quality is essential. Whether you’re going to put them on your website or use them for direct mail marketing, their visual impact has to be second to none. If it’s not, it creates the entirely wrong impression of your organisation. Indeed, when you visit a company website, the first thing you’ll notice are the featured images. Your eye is instinctively drawn to them before you even notice the text. If they’re clearly stock images, appear to be low quality or look amateurish, it creates the wrong first impression. Visitors will subconsciously think the site’s owner also delivers low quality or runs an amateurish operation.

Cutting-edge professional photography can instantly convey the right message to your target audience. Well-lit, clear and visually stunning images can’t help but impress. They convince prospective buyers and partners your brand represents quality before they’ve even realised it.

Telling Your Brand’s Story

Professional photography isn’t all about pixels, photofinishing and other practicalities. As important as image quality is, there’s much more behind the perfect photo. A professional photographer ensures your chosen imagery tells the right story.

When you speak to our local photographers or other members of the SNS Group team, they’ll try to really get under the skin of your organisation and your project. They’ll work to discern the true essence of your brand or the exact message you need a campaign to convey. With that level of interest and understanding, combined with their high skill levels, they can create truly spectacular images which not only capture your brand or project perfectly, but also resonate with your target audience.

A glimpse of such an image can be enough to get someone feeling exactly how you’d like them to – whether they need to be convinced your product will make their life better, or be sure they can trust the services you’re offering to provide.

Being Individual and Making a Personal Connection

Whether it’s on your website, a billboard, a leaflet or any other type of media, you’re trying to make a connection with your audience when you use images. The visuals you use are designed to help potential customers and anyone who views them to get to know your company.

Generic stock images can never achieve this, for the simple reason that they’re not images of your company, your products or your services. Stock images are easily identifiable, and we can all subconsciously spot one (especially American photos used on British websites) when we see it. Seeing such images is not something that instils confidence in an organisation using them, let alone fostering a personal connection with that organisation.

What’s even worse about using stock images is that your direct competitors can use them, too. Rather than using your images to give your website or marketing a unique and individual feel, they can end up having exactly the opposite effect. Only by investing in professional photography can you be sure that all your brand imagery works to connect with your audience. Individually commissioned and professionally produced images from local photographers help you stand out from the crowd, reaching potential customers and showing them that you’re an organisation they can trust.

Versatility of Use

Professional photography is infinitely versatile. There are a vast number of ways you can use a top-class image, and even more ways in which such images can help your brand. A stock image or a photo taken on their phone simply doesn’t stack up.

When you use professional photography, images can be put to work across many different channels. These high-quality photos are suitable for use both online and offline. Our team of skilled local photographers can provide the perfect images to boost your social media presence, or underpin the most compelling brochures and catalogues.

What’s more, your choice of images helps in ways you may not have imagined. High quality and highly relevant website images help you to be found by more online searchers. Used and formatted correctly, they can form an extra plank in your site’s SEO efforts. Compelling and engaging photos are one of the best ways to keep the attention of visitors when they do come to your site, and longer site visits also boost SEO. Finally, retaining audience attention is a great first step towards converting visitors into customers.