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Bringing Your Company Culture into Focus

Don’t underestimate the impact good corporate video content can have on your organisation. The professional and engaging corporate video production delivered by SNS Group can help to give your target audience a true sense of your company’s ethos, culture and vision.

Corporate video is something most businesses have heard of, yet few understand the concept. Many managers and directors think it’s something they have to do, rather than something they should think much about. And that’s a mistake. Investing in corporate video production represents an investment in your policies and your company’s voice.

The best corporate videography focuses on the message you want to convey to your audience. It helps you to communicate important sentiments directly and effectively – no matter what the messages may be.

At SNS Group, we’re passionate about helping our clients to find their voices and tell their stories. Our professional team of designers, videographers and editors will deliver slick and professional footage. Whether you want a traditional corporate interview or something a bit more unique, we can work to any brief to make your vision a reality. Trust SNS Group with your organisation’s corporate video production, and you’ll be astonished at the results.

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Some of Our Corporate Video Work…

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“An absolute pleasure to work with SNS. They bring a range of creative talent and work ethic and I can't recommend them enough. A great company with great people and we will definitely be working with them in the future. Thanks so much guys!’

KD MediaPippa Barker

“SNS Group have provided a professional service time and time again for us at Sporting Chance Initiative. Our projects can demand very different needs and SNS Group always adapt to meet these. Video Producer David McCaffrey uses his years of experience to add value to shoots and ensures everyone is comfortable, maximising the end result.”

Ryan CarenduffSporting Chance Initiative

“Scottish Water is working with SNS Group to publicise and record key parts of our investment, such as the ongoing £250m investment in our wastewater infrastructure across the Greater Glasgow area. This investment, the biggest since Victorian times, includes the Shieldhall Tunnel and major flooding projects across the area – work that is hugely important to help improve river water quality, tackle flooding and enable the area to grow and develop in the future.

The skill and expertise of SNS Group is enabling Scottish Water to capture the very essence of these projects, and the workers and communities involved, often in spectacular fashion.
SNS Group are always highly professional, imaginative and trustworthy. And, importantly, they’re also great fun to work with.”

Scottish WaterKeith Sinclair

"Working with David McCaffrey at SNS Group is always a pleasure - not just because he ‘gets’ what the job is - but also because you know you are in a safe pair of hands. That’s especially important if you are under pressure to make a deadline. He comes up with ideas and even if there is a problem, he always seems to find a way to solve it. I would have no hesitation in recommending David for any video production projects."

Alison Walker TVAlison Walker
Worker from Scottish Water working on the Shieldhall Tunnel

Scottish Water Shieldhall Tunnel Development

Lads42 Opening Animated Video Graphic

Ladbrokes – #Lads42

Tonsil Toilet Animation thumbnail

NHS Lanarkshire, Tonsil Toilet Animation

Showcasing Your Company

Professionally produced corporate video content helps your brand to stand out from the crowd. The expertise, equipment and experience at your disposal when you hire a professional videography team ensures your creative juices can flow. You can produce a video that’s unique to your brand, perfectly conveying your individual message.

If you’re in a competitive field, these unique messages are a must. You need to capture the attention and imagination of prospective customers or clients. Dull, standard corporate videos won’t stick in the minds of those who watch them. Nor will the message they’re trying to convey – or the brand delivering it. By contrast, slick and innovative corporate video does all of that and more. It grabs a viewer and keeps them engaged until your message has been delivered in full. What’s more, it shows them you aren’t simply another generic brand in a congested field. They’ll know from your video alone that your business encourages creativity, free-thinking and originality.

The corporate video production team at SNS Group loves working with clients on exciting and unusual briefs. We’re dedicated to delivering video content which shows just what your firm’s about, and how passionate you are.   

Brand Awareness and Messaging

SNS Group provides a broad portfolio of visual media services. That makes us uniquely placed to understand how the best corporate videography relates to other visual content your brand already distributes to the world.

Too many businesses see the interviews or other corporate clips they share as being somehow separate from other content. They mistakenly believe corporate video has no relation to the other visual materials they use for promotion and marketing. Yet if corporate video production is given the attention it deserves, it can play a key role in promoting brand awareness. A simple interview with a business’s CEO provides a unique opportunity for that individual to speak directly to their brand’s target audience. They can impart a huge amount of information about the business, and why people should be interested in it.

By utilising cutting-edge technology and methods, SNS Group videographers help our clients to make the most of every branding opportunity. We deliver slick, individual video content which is certain to capture people’s attention – without losing focus on key messages or brand identity.

Promotion and Traffic

Video is a great tool for promoting a brand or a company online. Publishing high-quality videos on your website has been proven to bolster SEO efforts. That makes it more likely search engines will direct potential customers to your site when they perform Google searches.

What’s more, video is one of the most widely shared forms of media online. Think about the last time you scrolled through your social network of choice. People across all demographics like to share interesting or entertaining videos. Indeed, investing in corporate videography might even result in content that subsequently goes viral. In concert with the professionals at SNS Group, you can create the kind of content people want to share. That enhances your brand’s reach, helping to disseminate your message to a wider audience you might not have reached otherwise.

Even if social media marketing isn’t a priority, featuring video content of the highest quality on your website still helps conversions. Site visitors are proven to spend longer on pages which feature videos – and the longer they stay on your site, the more opportunity you have to extol your brand’s good points and USPs. Lengthier site visits also boost SEO.

Quality Portrays Professionalism

By investing in top-class corporate videography, you’re telling an audience loads about your brand – not only via the message or information conveyed in the video, but also subconsciously thanks to the quality of the video itself. If someone sees a shaky, mobile phone-filmed video on a firm’s website, it creates an immediate impression of the business as unprofessional and disinterested in the message the video is trying to deliver. That message may be a compelling one, but its impact will be diminished by its delivery.

A professionally filmed and edited video has the opposite effect. Whether you feature it on your website or loop it at a conference or trade show, it’ll have an immediate positive impact on an audience. It creates a sense of a professional business that understands the importance of proper communication with external agencies and prospective (or actual) clients.

SNS Group excels at helping our clients to obtain the kind of high-quality content needed to portray professionalism. We leverage our extensive experience and use the very best equipment to create slick, clean footage that’ll make any viewer sit up and take notice.