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Build Your Brand Online with Cutting-Edge Digital Design

The digital world has never been more important to businesses and organisations, regardless of their size or industry. Dynamic digital design from SNS Group will help you to build trust in your online offerings, achieving greater brand recognition in the process.

Whatever your niche or industry, you’ll probably do more business online today than ever before. It’s therefore critical that the impression your brand conveys online is just right. How your organisation comes across in the digital world is key to how customers, clients and others will perceive you in the real world.

SNS Group can help you to create compelling content which will enhance your brand identity across all digital channels. We specialise in highly professional imagery and other visuals for use on social media, on your website and across all digital touchpoints. Our experienced designers guarantee top-class content that delivers clean and clear messaging across the board. From logos used to formalise your website through to the visual elements which make online newsletters pop out of the screen, we’re experts in all elements of graphic design.

Having worked in the visual media industry for many years, we’re proud of our portfolio. The digital content we’ve created for our clients in recent years has consistently achieved new levels of audience engagement. And the reason we can deliver such effective content is because we understand everything that goes into cutting-edge digital design.

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The support and advice from everyone at @snsgroup has been phenomenal. We love our brand design, logo and website. A very high quality, personal and professional service. Nothing is too much trouble and with an exceptionally quick turnaround. Thank you!!

Laura MitchellChris Mitchell Foundation

"SNS Group has worked closely with SSE since March 2014 on the redevelopment of our flagship internal communications channel. We now produce a monthly print and digital publication that meets the needs of 20,000 employees across the UK and Ireland and consistently wins positive feedback. From the outset, SNS Group has provided a second-to-none service encompassing concept development, intuitive design, photography, digital implementation, printing, fulfilment and distribution. I would recommend SNS Group as a trusted partner for design, photographic or publishing projects on any scale."

Sean MundaySSE

"Scottish Power have worked with SNS Group for more than ten years due to their creative edge and expertise. We have found them to be technically innovative whilst interpreting our brand in a professional manner. Once time scales, deliverables and budgets have been agreed they always deliver and when a quick turnaround is required this is met with no loss of quality or attention to detail."

James RawsonScottish Power

“I’ve been working with SNS for a few years in relation to our staff magazine, The Pulse, and on video production. The team are excellent to work with – highly professional, flexible and responsive. They add value with the creative input they provide and deliver high-quality products.”

Angela McManusNHS Lanarkshire
Designs for Chris Mitchell Foundation

Chris Mitchell Foundation

The Pulse design, NHS Lanarkshire

NHS Lanarkshire, The Pulse

Tonsil Toilet Animation thumbnail

NHS Lanarkshire, Tonsil Toilet Animation

Typography, Colour and Contrast

Every graphic design project is different. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach if you want to create the perfect content every time, and a range of practical decisions needs to be made when delivering any digital design brief. Choices regarding typography, colour and contrast can make or break any project.

Typography represents the voice of a brand in written form. The typeface, font and overall appearance of any text used across internal or external communications has a profound impact on the message it conveys. Typography can create and project your brand’s style and character, but it’s also critical in evoking emotion – striking the right mood for any piece of content.

Similarly, colour is far from simply an aesthetic issue. The use of colour in graphic design has a significant effect on the impact of any publications or graphics. The right colours help to generate the right emotions in your target audience. These emotions subsequently impact on decision making, ensuring your audience is likely to be more receptive to your message. Balancing the contrast between design elements and whitespace is also critical to graphic design. Make a graphic too busy and it implies confusion or unprofessionalism. Conversely, if content is too plain, it won’t be as effective in terms of conveying important information.      

Creating and Complementing Brand Identity

Even the most beautiful, eye-catching piece of content can be useless to an organisation if it doesn’t dovetail with their brand identity. Successful digital design helps to create, support and bolster a brand’s character. It ensures their presence online is clear, consistent and on-message across the board.

Branding through graphic design provides a way to blend your online and offline activities. Dynamic design can ensure your communications via social media and other online channels matches and supports your real-world branding.

SNS Group’s extensive experience has allowed us to witness first-hand the results top-class online content can accomplish. We’ve worked on projects with major clients that have helped them to achieve a whole new level of engagement with audiences who always respond well to strong and recognisable branding. It helps to build familiarity with a company – and from familiarity comes trust. Someone who trusts an organisation is far more likely to believe their messaging, potentially rewarding them with new business.

Aiding the User Experience

One key difference between design in the digital world and print design is interactivity. Consumers of social media content or marketing emails can directly interact with these communication tools. In fact, that interaction and response is often what the brand behind the content is hoping to accomplish.

When designing digital content, graphic designers must consider the user experience alongside aesthetic appeal. They need to predict how the content they produce will encourage or aid recipients in taking appropriate or desirable actions. Marketing emails should compel readers to visit a website, while landing pages aim to move visitors into a sales funnel.

The designers at SNS Group have worked with varied clients on all kinds of projects, so we understand how to produce stunning visuals that also deliver results. One of the beauties of digital design is the ability to update and tweak graphics and publications in real-time. The way users interact with marketing materials can be tracked and analysed. You can see what makes them click and engage – and also determine what doesn’t. That makes it easy to tweak content to better dovetail with your audience’s preferences. 

Tailoring Design for Different Channels

The online environment presents businesses and organisations with a whole host of new opportunities. Diverse channels such as email and influencer marketing make it easier for any firm to get themselves noticed. After all, graphic design is just as important in the digital world as in the physical one.

Having said that, publications and marketing materials shared online need to be tailored to suit the channel they’re shared through. Effective social media updates won’t necessarily be perfect as email content. In the same way, a staff newsletter shouldn’t be exactly the same as a digital magazine.

It’s only by working with the best graphic designers, like those at SNS Group, that you can be sure your communications are on point. The SNS design team know just how to leverage the different elements of digital design, producing messaging that’s perfect for any given channel. We work closely with our clients to help them define their digital strategy, before using our skills and expertise to deliver that strategy via intelligent and modern design. It’s why major blue-chip brands across the UK trust us with the graphic design elements of their online communications.