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Make Sure Your Event Goes with a Flash, as Well as a Bang

Beautiful photographs are the perfect way to mark (and remember) big events, but only a professional event photographer can produce the highest quality images under the pressure of these big occasions.

Capturing images of the biggest and most important corporate events is both difficult and crucial. Anyone who’s arranged a major launch, sponsored dinner or awards ceremony wants the key moments to be recorded for posterity. Yet these occasions often move at speed, requiring a deft touch that only an experienced event photographer can provide.

At SNS Group, we specialise in event photography which always shows off your event in the best possible light, both literally and figuratively. We work with photographers who think on their feet to produce stunning images across a wide variety of different events. From simple networking breakfasts to lavish awards dinners, we’ll deliver images which reflect the mood of your event perfectly. Using top-grade equipment and peerless expertise, the best photographers help to capture an event which every attendee will remember.

Thanks to decades spent working in the event photography field, we also understand how stressful these landmark occasions can be. Our event photographers are able to take some of that stress away, whether you need them to keep a low profile or help to build the atmosphere. That’s just one of many reasons why a professional photographer is a must for any event.

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“We have used SNS Group for over 15 years and they continue to provide an excellent PR photographic service. They are a really customer focused company and work with you to ensure that the best photographs are secured to help to maximise PR coverage.”

Niall GordonUniversity of the West of Scotland

"Their photographers are always early, have read the brief and are ready to put their creative brain into action and come up with a picture that is likely to get Glasgow Museums into the papers.
Quick to respond to queries, with an excellent knowledge of the Scottish media landscape they have made sure we are happy with the results.”

Suzanne RoughGlasgow City Council

“We have been working with SNS Group for several years. The service they deliver has always been of the highest standard. We have developed a close working relationship with them and are delighted with their proactive approach.
We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.”

Alan DalzielFrench Duncan

“We’ve worked with SNS Group on a number of projects and each time we’ve found them to be professional and incredibly efficient in providing the high-quality images that we need to work across a number of marketing platforms. They understand the brief and they understand our business.”

Karen ArmstrongTaylor Wimpey

“Scottish Water is working with SNS Group to publicise and record key parts of our investment, such as the ongoing £250m investment in our wastewater infrastructure across the Greater Glasgow area. This investment, the biggest since Victorian times, includes the Shieldhall Tunnel and major flooding projects across the area – work that is hugely important to help improve river water quality, tackle flooding and enable the area to grow and develop in the future.

The skill and expertise of SNS Group is enabling Scottish Water to capture the very essence of these projects, and the workers and communities involved, often in spectacular fashion.
SNS Group are always highly professional, imaginative and trustworthy. And, importantly, they’re also great fun to work with.”

Scottish WaterKeith Sinclair
Worker from Scottish Water working on the Shieldhall Tunnel

Scottish Water Shieldhall Tunnel Development

Man parachuting at Randox annual polo weekend atThe Gleneagles Hotel

Randox – Annual Polo Scotland Weekend

Dancers performing at Merchant City Festival

Merchant City Festival

The Quality Your Events Deserve

Anyone who’s taken some snaps at a big event knows that there’s far more to the perfect picture than simply pointing and shooting. Events are often high-pace, high-pressure occasions which are subject to rapid changes in lighting and mood.

An event photographer can think on their feet and respond. They have the experience and equipment needed to produce the highest quality images, no matter what unforeseen circumstances may occur. Yet high quality event photography isn’t all about technical factors like resolution, composition or lighting. It’s equally important that images from your events capture the mood of the occasion, and the emotions of your attendees. That’s something no amateur photographer can guarantee, whereas a highly skilled professional like those at SNS Group will have the well-honed instincts to get it right every time.

After the last taxi has departed, and the wine glasses have been collected, the SNS Group team will continue working to make sure every photo looks stunning. Our expert editors can use modern techniques to turn an already great image into something truly extraordinary. These photos will show off your event perfectly – they could even become a cornerstone of your organisation’s branded materials.

A Sense of Occasion

As well as helping to capture the mood of any event, top quality photographers can add to it. Having an event photographer dedicated to chronicling an awards ceremony, product launch or other similar event helps to add a sense of occasion. It also shows attendees that they’ve got one of the hottest tickets in town.
For celebratory dinners or occasions where you need to show clients a good time, having a photographer on hand can help your guests make the most of their evening. Many will revel in taking fun and quirky photos of their day or night out; even more camera-shy attendees are generally happy to show off their Sunday best, having gone to the trouble of wearing it!

Not all events are about fun or frivolity, of course. SNS Group’s experienced event photographers can adapt to the tone and mood of any occasion, even if those evolve over the course of a day. An end of year dinner and prize giving, for instance, might require some formal images to cover the speeches, plus some fun snaps in the evening. You can only get that kind of range from a professional.

Memories and Mementos

The best photographs capture a moment in time, providing a portal through which people can travel back to that moment. It’s why people love to fill their homes, offices and smartphones with snaps of special days.

A professional photographer can ensure the biggest moments from your event will be fondly remembered forever. Award winners at a corporate prize giving will love receiving a professional image of their big moment, creating a perfect memory. Such photographs act as time capsules, recording a key moment in a person’s or organisation’s history. At SNS Group, we’ve provided event photography to highly respected companies in many niches. We’ve covered the birth of new brands, product launches, relocations and every major milestone you could imagine.

We redirect this unparalleled experience to cover any event you require with skill, precision and panache. The result will be visually stunning images which will forever commemorate those landmark moments.

All the News That’s Fit to Print

As well as developing pictures, an event photographer can also help to develop your brand. Top quality, attention grabbing photographs of a major event turn it into a newsworthy occasion, which you can use to promote your brand.

Striking pictures of a product launch may help get the word out far and wide about your latest offering. Intriguing images of a networking breakfast help to convey the message that your firm is forward-thinking and on the up, particularly among the media or industry influencers. The ways in which event photography could support your marketing and brand-building are limited only by your imagination. And of course, you’re able to discuss ideas of how you might use event photographs with SNS Group when drawing up a brief.

Our event photographers will use their skills and knowhow to produce images which are just right for future press coverage and redistribution. That kind of personal attention is something you only get from working with professionals, and SNS Group is proud to offer individual services for every assignment.