From that Scotland v England game back in June 2017 to the Ladbrokes Premiership Play Off Final in May 2018, our photographers have been there. They have seen it. They have captured it.


Some may think that it’s easy. That it’s ‘point and shoot’. It isn’t.


It’s hard work. It’s knowing exactly what to do. It’s knowing how to anticipate what’s coming next. It’s knowing how to capture the moment.


See below some of the key moments from our football season and just how well our photographers have captured them all.


10/06/17 – When managing your country is ecstasy… and agony – in the space of five minutes.


23/09/17 – When Josh Windass misunderstood the meaning of ‘show them they’re in a game, boys’.


17/12/17 – When Hearts ended Celtic’s 69-game unbeaten league run.


16/02/18 – When Alex McLeish was named new Scotland Manager… again.


09/03/18 – When Natural Order Was Questioned…


11/03/18 – When Scott Brown kept his cool in the Ibrox Heat.


31/03/18 – When you will feel that in the morning!


29/04/18 – When you get that winning feeling against your city rivals once again.


30/04/18 – When their time is up.


04/05/18 – When a global superstar signs up for next season.


13/05/18 – When Neil Lennon jetted off on his summer holidays, five minutes too early.


19/05/18 – When Celtic win a historic Double Treble.


20/05/18 – When Livingston achieve successive promotions.


20/05/18 – When Scott Brown sweeps the boards with awards in his testimonial year.


And of course before we finish, we can’t forget all those Ladbrokes League Champions across the divisions.

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