Snapchat has been the talk of the office for months now. Our days are centred around capturing and creating quality content and our team tend to be here, there and everywhere in a matter of hours pulling it all together.

SNS Group isn’t your average workplace from the crazy work schedules to the crazy people (just kidding guys… Kind of). At the time of taking on my Social Media Manager role I had the aim to ensure our online content would feature not only the work we’re doing but also the people behind it. It’s important to me that the individual personalities of our business shine through.

With that in mind and the team geared-up for some serious snapping it was only right that we took the jump into the crazy filtered world that is Snapchat!

Add sns_group and prepare yourself for plenty of on location shots, footage from inside the SNS office and interesting behind-the-scenes videos. All that and undoubtedly plenty of David and Paul using their favourite filters of the day. Each of our staffers have been entrusted with their login to ensure we give our Snap-friends as much access as possible, in real-time, just like you’re on the job with us.

Whether it’s our Video Department with dog ears or a shoot in Dundee we’re really excited to share it all with you!

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